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Tesoro Resorts Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Who we are?

We are Cape Marine Corp.  For over 11 years our business has been located in what is now known as Tesoro Resorts Cabo San Lucas (formerly Plaza No [Las] Glorias, and then Costa Real, which is owned by Steadfast Companies/AMX Holdings), and we have seen it all.  We have bared witness to the true ruthless corruption that isThe Tesoro Resorts/Steadfast Companies, who has recently partnered up with Interstate Hotels & Resorts.

The purpose of this website, our mission, is to seek justice and to offer public awareness of how corrupt this establishment really is.  Steadfast Companies are notorious slum-lords in the United States.

In just the last 4 years, they have caused well over $125,000.00 US dollars in damages just to our store alone, not including the other businesses surrounding us.

Their whole purpose is to provide such poor service and to drive all the local businesses out so they can pursue their corrupt monopoly.

When dealing directly with Tesoro Resorts/Steadfast Companies/IHR, they will tell you everything that you want to hear, but will deliver nothing.  Our advice: We highly recommend that you document every phone call, letter (we suggest certified mail), email and conversation; get names, document date and time, and use a video and/or tape recorder whenever possible, as they will deny receiving your correspondence along with every promise that they make.

If you need legal assistance and help combating Tesoro Resorts/Steadfast Companies/IHR, contact us directly and we will happily refer you to our attorney Alex Perdomo, or you may call his office at 624-122-4144. It will be our mission to keep you the public up to date of all of Tesoro Resorts/ Steadfast Companies/IHR ’ corrupt activities.





This website is not sponsored by, related to, or in any way endorsed by Tesoro Resorts or any of its affiliates. This website gives individual observations, experiences, and gripes pertaining to Tesoro Resorts, which may be of interest to others. This website does not offer legal assistance or seek to elicit money (this website is not for sale). We do not sell anything on this website, nor offer any services associated to Tesoro Resorts or Steadfast Companies. This website is protected by the First Amendment. All 'marks' on this website are permissible under the First Amendment.



Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham





Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham


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Plagued by Problems

Tesoro Resort Los Cabos avoids dealing with local business owner's complaints.

By Baxter D. Wall

Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham

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