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Sept 2004

For my 10th trip to Cabo, I decided to try something all inclusive. I saw the Costa Real on an airline employee website and didn't realize until researching it that it used to be the Plaza Las Glorias, which I had never heard anything good about, having had several friends stay there. I decided to give it a shot anyways, because of the convenient location. Bad idea. Yes it's a good location, but it's just not worth it. Usually the only escape from the 95 degree humid weather is in the comfort of your air-conditioned hotel room. We tried 2 different rooms and neither worked. The food was OK but I'd rather eat a Rico's tamale for 10 pesos. 

They say they have all these activities, and I only saw one the entire week I was there. Also, my toilet never flushed on the first try. A staff member mentioned that one of the rooms had better A/C and when we asked the front desk for that room, they told us we would have to pay more. Also, there were ants walking across my headboard. We had a choice of 2 twin beds with an ocean view, or a king with no view, and they said we could push the beds together, but they were actually cemented to the floor. Real resorts should be ashamed. I will never stay there again. A good clean cheap hotel with good location is the Mar De Cortez. It's nothing fancy, but if location is what you want, you can't beat it. Plus the restaurant, Spencer's, has great food. And the A/C makes you feel like you are in a snowstorm. Just say no to the Plaza not Glorias/Costa Real.

March 2004

I stayed at the Plaza Las Glorias in the summer with my boyfriend. We were set up and robbed by the staff. When we checked in we requested an ocean view room. A hotel worker helped us get our bags to our room. 

When we walked in, it definitely was not an ocean view room. We called the front desk and told them we were not happy with the room, that it wasn't what we requested. They apologized and told us to come back down to the front desk and they would show us another room. We left our bags and locked the door behind us. Someone else met us at the front and took us to see another room that was an ocean view. After moving our bags to the new room, I looked in my bag to find that $300 had been stolen out of it (while it was in the first room). We were absolutely furious and went down to talk to front desk about it. They did not care at all which upset us even more. They even called security and almost had my boyfriend arrested! RIDICULOUS! The trip was booked through MLT Vacations, so we contacted them about it, and they didn't care either.

The whole thing was just a terrible experience. Other than that, Cabo was GREAT! There are many other great places to stay, so don't stay at the Plaza Las Glorias...you can't trust them.

Jan 2004

Just returned from a 10 day stay at the Plaza "not" so Glorias. I was not sure what to expect after reading 1 year worth of reviews. I came to the conclusion there is a little truth in some of the good reviews and a lot of truth in the bad reviews. First of all, it is close to everything so walking is not a big deal. But it fronts a noisy boulevard where cars and motorcycles rev up and down the street all day and night until 3:00 in the morning. I saw two accidents in a three day period where two tourists were hurt by drivers who think they get points if they hit somebody. Secondly, there are many hookers in the parking lot and adjacent areas who are always hitting on you (even though my girlfriend and I were walking hand and hand) then you have the guy asking if you want to buy some drugs. For the whole 10 days I thought I was back in Vegas minus the strip. The beds were hard as rocks and the TV sets were unable to de-program from the sap mode so if you don't like to watch TV. with Spanish subtitles, you will dislike this place.

The Plaza is better than sleeping on the street but not by much. The staff is great if you have money in hand for a tip but if not, you’re on your own. I won't say I will never stay at the plaza again because it is better than sleeping in a car but not by much. They did have a shuttle to the beach but the hours were too short and we found that when the driver said be here at such and such a time, that only applied to tourists not the Mexican nationals as it is different for fellow country men. We were left stranded for 2 hours because the driver "forgot" to pick my wife and me up at the scheduled time. Lucky for us a Gentleman from Mexico city called the Hotel and told them of a couple of gringos that were not picked up. When the driver arrived he sheepishly smiled and told us "Cabo time is different than U.S. time". 
A guess it is a good thing we had no plans. Oh well, We are just tourists. Good luck





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