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Tesoro Resorts Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Oct 2006

Last Visit: October 2006 Great for: Spa I booked a package for this hotel in Jan. since we go to the Sammy Hagar's Birthday party every year. I planned ahead so we could stay in town since you have to stay in line all night for the concert tickets. 

When we arrived after a long day of air travel from Detroit. 

The front desk had said are travel agent had not made a payment on our paid package months in advance. I did not have a cell phone that worked. After a hour or so trying to work this out I was able to call my son at home he did a three way call the travel agent called and confirm payment was made and suddenly they were found our pre-paid reservation several people had problems at the front desk. People were being transferred to other hotels. We were transferred for a day to another hotel out of town. Which did not work for us since we had to stay in town for the concert. It messed everything up. Also I could not unpack for one day. The next day we could not get our room to unpack till 5:00pm. So we lost two days of our vacation.

They gave us a cheap bottle of wine on the 4th day there to make up for it.

Oct 2006

RUN from this place. Don't look back just keep running!! If you are used to anything other than a Motel 6 with A/C in the states then you will not like this place. My wife and I stayed here for 4 nights even though we had purchased the 7 day package. We couldn't stand staying here one more night so we left early. Check in took about 2 hours of wait time and standing in line. The first night we were in a regular room on the 5th floor right above the night club (YIKES!!) even though I had requested they not put us any place close to the night club. All night until 3 AM we heard loud thumping of music and if it wasn't for the horribly loud A/C or the loud rusted refrigerator it would have felt like actually being in the club. The nice thing about this hotel was the free mud showers we could take because of the dirty/muddy water coming out the pipes. The next day we paid extra and had them move us to the Jr. Suite which had a broken A/C, no water pressure, leaking pipes in the ceiling by the closet and a leaking toilet (no joke )

I speak fluent Spanish so when I called maintenance to fix the A/C I overheard the maintenance guy on the phone ask the manager downstairs why they had put us in that room if they knew the A/C was broken. Unbelievable! I immediately called downstairs and told the manager that I had overheard their conversation and wanted an explanation where the manager simply replied that it was too late in the evening and they could do nothing about our situation. I asked them to at least send up a fan so we could get some air circulation as the "SUITE" smelled musty and was hot and humid. We had the all inclusive package so the food was included in the price but we only ate there one day because the food was horrible! The food in the main restaurant (Agave Azul) however was very good and I would recommend it (you will have to pay extra to eat in the Agave though). I honestly can not recommend this hotel to anyone other than perhaps for a bachelor party, if you pass out drunk at night or if you are not used to some nice accommodations. You're experience may be different at this hotel but ours was horrible and I can only write to that respect so good luck if you stay here.


Oct 2006

If your used to luxury, not the place. If you are a party hound and use the room as a place to change or want a good deal to have more money to spend in town, why not... Wouldn't recommend for a family with kids but it is up to you. I tried to read as many reviews as I could about el TESORO resort LOS CABOS. They were so mixed that I really couldn’t get a read feel for the place, good or bad. Well if you are on a fixed income and need the best price for the best location. WORTH IT. The AI (all inclusive) isn’t worth the extra $ even though it may look like a deal why not save that few dollars because you’ll be eating out anyway. The food at the Hotel is horrible. I am not a picky person so I tried it all. Wasn’t satisfied enough to think it was work it. I’m on a vacation I don’t want to settle for doable I want to enjoy the food I didn’t have to cook. The 24 snack room: the 4 nights we were there had the same donuts, stale chips and hot dogs on a non rolling cooker without buns. I’m not exaggerating as it wasn’t just the same crap everyday it was the same food left out for the 4 days we saw it sitting there. AI- alcohol coverage consisted of Beer (tacate)/ tequila (Jose Cuervo) and Bacardi rum only. Everything else is extra.

The stocked fridge, well when you check in told that is actually subject to availability and having your room cleaned is too. We called about 6 times one day to have the beer, soda and water in the fridge restocked and they never came. So we called the next day and had to walk down to the front desk complain to have it finally done, wait after we called one more time. . Room service menu has about 4 items and you have to pay a room delivery charge, tried it once ewwww. Towels were replaced when the room was cleaned but that was every other day. Trust me we tried to tip and make a better situation for ourselves but it didn’t help. If you have your trip planned already and you are staying here or if you see a good deal to book here. Do it, the location is great. The beach taxi is FUN and the beach area is nice. The Hotel is boring though so it’s all about being close to the bars and nightlife, perfect if that’s your thing. At check in I would request to be bumped up to a better room. There may be a slight charge but look at your normal room and you may agree it’ll be work the doe... Request room 579, on the older wing – has 4 baloney’s HUGE, hot tub, living room, kitchen, and separate bedroom. The beds are hard even in the new rooms. Fresh paint, newer decor but still crappy bed. I would take the view and roominess over the new decor. Have fun and eat at Salomon’s landing down by the marina, have to walk by it right out the hotel. Good deal, time, drinks and atmosphere. Take a water taxi to lovers’ beach to watch the sunset. Have FUN!!!!!

Aug 2006

Seriously, this hotel needs to change their rating to (1/2) star.

My husband & I, along with his father & mother, and his brother, sister-in-law and their 14 yr. old son, had a very awakening 6 nights and 7 day vacation with little or No air conditioning in the 3 rooms booked for us, my husband & I had to request a change of rooms 4 times within the first 2 days, none of our air conditioners worked. One of the rooms they tried to put us in didn't even have a balcony, it had the site and sounds of the A/C units for the resort outside the only window, and they were extremely loud for units that weren't working properly. We didn't mind too much not having a/c during the day, because we were out site seeing or the guys were fishing, but to try to sleep without air is poor service. My brother-in-law and his wife & son also had to change rooms, every time we went to the front desk to have something done, there were many other visitors also complaining. The first day we arrived, we all had washcloths in our bathrooms, but, by day 2 through 7 they didn't have any available (this may sound petty) but, we all need to use washcloths, not hand towels or bath towels in the shower.

Their favorite answer to any question or complaint was " I'll send someone right up to take care of that " NOT...My in-laws are in their late 70's and tried to move them into a 17 step entrance into a room when their room started leaking on one of the beds (on the 3rd floor, go figure) from a day & a half rain they had, so they brought them a roll-a-way instead, it was a hard & uncomfortable as their reg. beds. We rented a Hummer to go to another place to site see, and was told it would seat 7 (NOT) so that day was shot! The next day we all wanted to go to Lovers Beach to play on the beach, the boats they use to get you there are not set up to drop you off or pick you up, they are extremely dangerous to get out of and back in. So bad service, poor accommodations & bland food are just a few of the problems you will get, if you book with the Tesoro Los Cabos. (P.S.) Our original rooms weren't even ready when we arrived from the airport.
The D. Family

May 2006

They over booked the hotel and blamed it on Expedia, saying they made the reservation for the wrong day and that they had no available rooms for that night (even though all the paperwork I had, and anything I saw that Tesoro had, showed for the correct day). At the same time they're telling the guy next to me that they had over booked and didn't have a room for him.

Stay away from them unless you want to be given the option of going to a nice hotel MILES out of town....or the Comfort Inn.

May 2006

We stayed only 2 nights because our time share ran out and I am glad it wasn't any longer. The hotel lobby and restaurants are rather nice and the food was good. The rooms are another story. The beds are so hard it was like sleeping on plywood with a blanket on it. In the bathroom they have ceiling light covers that move when the door is opened and you can see pipes, insulation and spider webs etc. We called for an extra towel and soap on 2 different occasions. It took 45 minutes to bring the towel and the soap never showed up at all after calling 3 times I gave up. The pool had cups and leaves and paper napkins etc. in it and looked like it hadn't been cleaned for days. We opted not to even go in there. I've got to admit the restaurant staff was great but the hotel staff needs customer service training or better management. We also had friends that stayed here one night and they had more trouble than we did. The wall behind the hair dryer had obviously caught fire and didn't work among other things. I would never stay here again! There are plenty of places that would treat you a lot better.

May 2006

We were lucky to get room near elevator but was very noisy. The beds are hard as a rock and if you ask for something else they give you one of those egg crates that was dirty and ripped. We tossed and turned all night and didn't get much sleep, I guess you have to be used to sleeping on a box spring. The Blue Agave restaurant off the lobby was great!! Both food and service. Try the garlic fish. We had a yellow bracelet /all inclusive which was a pleasant surprise as all food and drinks were free. Included was one free room service a day and we chose breakfast and got it in 15 minutes and was excellent. The buffet was great for lunch not dinner and waiters were friendly but we were good tippers even though tips and taxes were included I couldn't see not tipping. Skip the concierge as she tries to sell you a 90 minute time share at Cabo Villas and doesn't even work for Tesoro!!! We were suckers and ended up wasting close to 3 hours and when we asked for our gifts they made you walk to the back of the hotel in an alley. Scary! When I pushed the spa button on the room phone I asked if we needed an appt and the girl said no, I asked how much for their services and they said they worked for tips. So we got massages and pedicures and they said I owed them 180.00.the hotel did not assist and we had to pay.

April 2006

I went to Tesoro Los Cabos last week with some friends, the only 2 good things about this hotel is the location and that a lot of spring breakers stay here...Here comes the worst...you have to take a water taxi that takes you to the Medano Beach, which is horrible, it is a public beach infested with tons of people and also the water taxi isn't in the best conditions, one time the driver nearly drowned us by almost turning upside down the little boat, we only went to that beach 1 day.

Now the room, whaaaat a room, horrible sheets, curtains, horrible beds, bad TV. reception (it looked like an 80's TV.), a disgusting mini bar packed with no more than 2 bottles of water and like 3 or 4 beers. But the worst was when our room started smelling like crap, it smelled like that 3 times...One was because of the toilet, the water wouldn’t flush, Second time was because water was drippin from the toilet and our third time (the worst) was when the air conditioner stopped working and an awkward smell came from there, a man from maintenance came to our room, opened it and started vacuuming water from the roof!!!
Another thing, the food in this hotel is so greaaasy we almost threw up! The only good meal was the breakfast.

We tried to make the best out of this trip, but still we couldn’t stand being in the hotel for the whole day! 

If you ever stay here, ask for the remodeled rooms, they are way much better, because our rooms where the worst!


March 2006

To all concerned,

Tesoro Costa Real Marina Resort has problems and we got caught in them. My story: 
Arrived on a Saturday, gave the front desk guy a $20 bill to get us a nice jr. suite which he did. We walked into this room and we were so pleased, room #382. The view was the best. After that it was all down hill. By Monday we had no water. NONE, no toilet, shower, nothing. Of course we try to find out if we will get water and the stock answer is, "5 meeenutes". By the night we are considerably not happy so I badger a front desk guy to get me a manager to get an answer or something. We paid for a room WITH water. He refuses to call him saying he is at home, like I care at this point. I finally annoyed him enough to get another room but we know some rooms have problems far beyond just not having water. Sure enough he gives us a room to look at and it’s directly behind a rowdy bar and smells like someone just had a cigar in it. 

When I mean behind the bar, I mean I could open the slider and touch someone sitting at the bar. I went back to this guy at the front desk and harassed him until he got me a room that was near our room so we could at least take showers and use a toilet. Of course this 2nd room does not have water either. By now you would believe we really smell from no water for so long but we had bought a timeshare at a resort that let us use all the facilities all week so it really took the edge off staying all day and some of the night at a real 5 star place even though we could not sleep there. 

It does not stop there though, the saga continues. 

The water finally comes on 1 1/2 days later and we think ok we can move on and put it behind us. But wait! Half a day later and no water again!!! I go to the front desk girl this time and I have to scream for her to pick up a phone to find out when we will get water. This time it comes back on an hour or so later. Whew! Ok you think this time we are in the clear but not so fast, On Thursday morning I eat an omelet, nothing fancy, eggs and mushrooms. I get deathly sick for 24 hours. My ribs are just recovering from all the heaving. 

The next day my wife finally gets a hold of a manager named Victor. He comes up to our room and she states our experience over me in bed completely white as a sheet. He says he and his management team have only been there for 20 days and they are trying there best. He says they will probably shut down the hotel after hearing our problems and the same from so many others at some point in the near future to fix the problems and upgrade the place. He also says he will get us some money back. We booked through GWV travel out of Boston and he says our reimbursement has to come from them. At his request we write a letter basically stating what I am writing here and he will send us a copy which after a month now I have not seen. I told him I would not talk bad about this resort if he made good to us and he did shut the place down. So far he has done neither. IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU, DO NOT GO HERE.

Sorry for the long winded journal but I hope it saves someone aggravation and money.

March 2006

Wow, I don't know where to start! Because it all started at the front desk when they put THREE people in a jr. suite they call it! Basically a room with two single beds and a rollaway (we called the rollaway a piece of iron with sheet). I then asked to be place in a standard room, which is a room with two double beds, because that is what I booked!!! So basically the hotel needs to get the configuration correct, before they place people in a room. I even saw them check in honeymooners into a room with two single beds!!! Anyway the hotel redeemed themselves after two days of complaining!!! The hotel needs to work on their customer service skills it will help them in the long run! As for the food I thought was excellent!! But stay away from the snack bar which is in a room next to the pool. ( It smells like a pet store) As for the rest of the staff they deserve KUDOS for putting up with all the spring breakers!!! 

THE LOCATION IS GREAT!!! Love Cabo Wabo (bar), Sammy Hagar played two nights while we where there. Over all as for staying there again? I think the new owners could work on the little things to understand people are on vacation, and they need to make their customers happy!!!! So maybe in another year they will get the kinks out and they will see people return. Must check out Santa Maria Beach, it is a must!!!!!

Don't forget to ask at the front desk when you check in for a lock for the safe (old school style) because it is not in the rooms!!! They ask for 100.00 deposits so don't loose the key!!!!

March 2006

My wife and I arrived to be told that our reservation had been cancelled. We arrived early in the morning and were told that they would give us a room and "sort it out tomorrow" as there was a staff meeting going on. I knew that my credit card had been charged and had the receipt and phone number from our travel agency. The room we were put in had a great view of the back of the kitchen and the roof of the building next door. I went downstairs called my travel agency and one call later my room and reservation cancellation were fixed.

The food was mediocre at best. We have been to Mexico many times and love the food, but not here. You will see things at the buffet you cant and don’t want to recognize. Sometimes for breakfast you see food that was offered at last nights buffet. The 24/7 lounge? Come on, it was a hotdog cooker and some sandwiches that were questionable at best. There were beers and sodas in the cooler but they disappeared after dark. A couple chairs and boom call it a lounge. The restaurant had good food just beware some of it is not included in the all-inclusive price. The pool had some sort of rubber liner in it to cover god only knows what. The hot tub was broken all week. The location and beach club are the only bright spots in the whole place. You are downtown right on the marina. We never had to take a taxi anywhere. The free water taxi to the beach club and the club itself lived up to expectations. Members of the bellboy staff were helpful and informative.

March 2006

This resort has changed names 3 times from Sun Plaza/Los Glorias to Costa Real Cabo to now called Tesoro Resort -- RCI # 2287. We participated in the all-inclusive plan; we "tried" to eat at the resort every night. We could not do it! Currently, they have two places to offer their guests: one a buffet and another a restaurant only opened at night. The restaurant was satisfactory. However, by the end of the week, you were tired of ordering the same things off the menu -- which did not change from night to night. For breakfast and lunch, guests only had the option of the buffet. For breakfast, they would cook eggs the way you like but everything else was buffet. Same thing for lunch -- they would cook a hamburger for you but other than that you were at the mercy of what was on the buffet. And at first, it was tolerable. However, by the second day, you began noticing how they have the same thing offered over and over again. By the end of the week, we had seen so many "questionable" buffet items, that we simply could not eat there. The all inclusive does include all drinks but when you are looking at $60.00 per person per day -- it adds up, especially when the food was terrible.

Maybe changing management will be good for this resort. 

Location is good -- right in the heart of Los Cabos. The rooms are adequate. Similar to hotel type rooms with a small refrigerator, cook-top and microwave. 
In our observation, Los Cabos has become very similar to Cancun. If you want to party, loud music all night which you can hear into your room, food does not matter, and you love to drink, then this might be a place for you. 
We will not return to this resort.

March 2006

From the outside, about 100 yards away. It looks great, stay there and look at it. The hotel was dirty. We had an all inclusive that did not include much. The pool/hot tub was so unattractive that we never even got in them. We ordered the "all inclusive" room service to find out that there was a "service charge" for it but the food was still free-1 plate per day. Then it was never even delivered. The 24/7 lounge included in our package was hysterical, they had stale corn chips and rotten, brown fruit, and advertised "international drinks" that included light and regular beer from a keg and 4 Coke products. Oh, I forgot to mention the hot dogs in a turning cooker, something like you would get at 7-11 or Speedway...the sight made my stomach turn. The fine dining restaurant had 7 menu items for the entree section, three of which required a $10 to $15 surcharge. We ended up going out to eat. The service was very slow, if you got any. We waited up to four hours for things such as hand towels, a light bulb, OUR LUGGAGE, broken window being replaced in our bathroom so people could not watch us "go" as they walked by. I can't say enough negative things about this property. Cabo was beautiful though.


March 2006

In talking to literally dozens of people I would say that the overall opinion was negative during my stay. The highlights to consider are as follows; 

1) Newly renovated jr suite rooms are nice.
2) Location, location, location. 
3) Carolos and front desk staff were pleasant and nice as possible and the staff kept the place clean. 

1) Terrible food
2) Overbooked some people had to actually stay more than one night in another hotel because they were seriously overbooked. It was a far too common event. 
3) Too many people had to change rooms some multiple times some for service related issues some for just not getting what was requested.
4) Senior management did not follow through on promises for service and avoidance of problems. Its one thing to have issues its another to be disregarded and ignored. 

I would never stay here again! I have stayed at both Marina Fiesta and the Finisterra and found both to be much better.

Feb 2006

Just got back from a 3 night stay here. I am in my late 20's and came with friends in their late 20's early 30's. After reading mixed reviews of this hotel, I felt that since I got a great deal on United Vacations, and since I'm not high maintenance, staying here would not be a problem. Boy, was I wrong! 

Make sure that when you check into the hotel, you have a copy of your itinerary. I didn't have a hard copy, so they made me email it to them. Not that big of a deal, but a minor inconvenience. They had my info in their computer already, so didn't know why they needed to see it on paper.

There were 4 of us in our party, and we got 2 separate rooms. Not only were these rooms far from the elevator, but they were the size of my bathroom at home...and smelled like it too. We partied hard our first night there, and my friend threw up right in front of our door. We put a towel over it to cover it up, but for some strange reason, when the maid cleaned our room, she forgot to clean up the vomit. I guess it was our fault that she yacked, but we expected them to clean it up at some point-and they didn't. Also, when we needed more bottled water at 2am, we were told by the front desk that nothing was open and there was nothing they could do for us, so just a warning to stock up on bottled water and store it in your fridge. I can't imagine what it's like during Spring Break when multiple students share a room, finish their bottled water in their fridge and really need it after a long, hard night of drinking and don't have access to get any more. 

In any event, we were so uncomfortable with our miniature rooms that we requested to be changed the next day. Carlos, the front desk manager was very kind and upgraded us to nicer, much larger rooms- so don't be afraid to ask if you don't like the room you're staying in.

We were all-inclusive. The food pretty much s---- and the margaritas tasted like toilet water. The only thing food my friends and I really enjoyed was eating at Maria's. The coconut shrimp and lobster, despite the additional charge, were really good and the service was great. 

The location is great for those wanting to shop and party and the free water taxi to the nice beach was also very convenient.

It also took 45 minutes to check out since the front desk was disorganized. I overheard way too many people disputing their bills- so put up a fight if you are wrongly charged of something.

I would definitely come back to Cabo, but would never stay at the Tesoro again. I'd spend a few more bucks at a nicer place, where they treat their guests with a bit more hospitality.

Feb 2006

I have never written a review for a hotel on here, but this place compelled me to do so. 

Anyone who recommends this hotel is out of their mind. The beds are unbelievably hard. They told us they would have to move us the second day, and we had to pack our bags. So we packed all of our stuff up, and guess what? They said they would move us the next day, which they finally did. So basically, we had to repack twice while we were there. Our group had a backpack, two pairs of sunglasses, digital cameras, cell phones and cash all stolen while we were there. The scariest part - most of these items were taken out of a room in one incident WHILE MEMBERS OF OUR GROUP WERE IN IT SLEEPING! Yes, we had our share of cervezas that probably made us easy marks, but who doesn't in Cabo? I personally did not have anything stolen, but do you want to gamble with your personal items while in Mexico? 

When we went to check out, one group had $200 in bogus phone charges, and in my room we had $50 dollars in bogus mini-bar charges which I gladly paid just to get out of there. 

Cabo is a great place to go, don't ruin your trip by staying in a dump like this.

Feb 2006

I have stayed at this resort in the past and had rated it excellent. The biggest problem now is the constant ownership changes (3 recently). Things have gone down hill each time. The all-inclusive dinner restaurant use to only charge extra for lobster....now they have added the shrimp and steaks leaving you to choose between fish (that made me sick for 2 days) or chicken breast. This is just one example of how "cheap" they have gotten. All-inclusive late night room not worth going to unless you want an apple or bologna sandwich.

They have separated the lobby bar w/dinner buffet and moved the buffet to the lunch/pool area and hid the nightly shows way back in a corner. VERY poor set-up!!!
Want an ocean view room?? Good luck!! I booked mine 6 mos. in advance yet spent 3 days doing the "room shuffle". Most everyone I met went thru the same thing and it happen last time I was here too.

I was there for New Year and spent 12 days. Had an awesome time and loved being close to Squid Roe but I'll find a new place to stay.
R. H. (name removed)


Feb 2006

Stayed at the Jan 28-Feb 4th...wow... where to start. The Hotel is dated, but some rooms have been recently renovated and are quite nice. We had a "deluxe ocean view junior suite"...hmmm...well the room was really nice and quite large, our ocean view amounted to a view of two small fishing boats off the corner of the marina...and a very dirty noisy parking lot where a lot of construction was going on. Lucky for us the nightly entertainment was located on a terrace right below our balcony. This so-called entertainment took place from 9pm on, and was totally ridiculous. I would not recommend taking young children to watch. Actually I wouldn't recommend anyone going to watch. We did the all-inclusive at the Tesoro, but only ate three meals at the hotel. After having a really gross buffet supper, and an even more terrible breakfast, we gave up. We did try room service for breakfast one day and ordered bacon and eggs over easy with toast. Sounds pretty hard to screw up...but leave it to the Tesoro...our breakfast arrived and was a bunch of crap they scooped out of the buffet, so it was even colder than if we would have gone to the buffet to eat, not to mention it wasn't what we had ordered. Never had lunch, too scared. Make sure you have really good luggage locks at this hotel, and don't leave anything laying out. We left 3 t-shirts in a plastic bag on the dresser and the last day they had gone missing. Pretty upsetting as we had no time to replace them and they were gifts. The majority of staff were friendly and eager to please (when they weren't stealing from you).
Think we will stay somewhere else next time, and not do an all-inclusive unless it is a 5 star plus. Don't expect too much at the Tesoro, and eat elsewhere.


Feb 2006

1) Our Jr. suite that we booked was not available so they booked us into a standard room. We should have left right then. 2) The beds are like sleeping on a plywood!!!!! Very hard 3) We had to walk about 200 yards to our room which was located at the end of the hotel. This was the room they gave us for overbooking our suite... I won't be back to this dive. And I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did...

Jan 2006

Before I even get to the hotel, I want to warn people to get past the line of "greeters" inside the terminal unless they want their visit to start even later. They are all timeshare sales people pretending to be activity advisors. We booked our Grayline Airport shuttle online and we wasted a good 30 minutes trying to untangle ourselves from the timeshare folks.

The shuttle took us to the Pueblo Bonita, Melia Hotel and the Finesterra first so we were disappointed to see our accommodations when we finally got there. The room was not ready so they told us to just put our luggage in the room. The room had not even started to be cleaned and there was room service food everywhere - and there was no lock on the safe! The bellman told us that the hotel was running 100% and there was a shortage of locks - so "forget about it", in other words. We left and went to walk along the marina.

When we returned from our walk, a couple of hours later, the beds had been made and lovely tissue rosettes folded into the tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls. However, there was still room service food left on the counter in the "kitchenette" area. I had to hunt down a housekeeper to take the stuff away. Additionally, there were only two towels left for us, even though we were booked for three. We called housekeeping to deliver another towel but when we kept having just two towels left, I just started hunting the maid's carts in the halls and taking the additional towels or asking the maid for more if she was around.

We booked the junior suite and it was quite spacious. I didn't like the fact that I could smell perfume on the pillows. The worse thing was that the toilet kept stopping up. The second night, we had to call to have someone clear it for us. I had to call twice and wait at least an hour before someone showed up. The third night, it overflowed. That was it, we were ready to call the airlines and arrange for an early departure. I went downstairs and asked for a different room, but was basically given the brush off. (The front desk clerks all act like they don't want to speak to you.)If you get room 274, refuse it! The lobby bar is right below the front door and there is karaoke there that unbelievably lasts for hours and beyond 11 p.m. The window in the bathroom opens to the hall as well as the lobby bar and there is no way to close it - there is a two inch gap between both pieces of glass so we kept the bathroom door shut and stuck a towel at the bottom to try and get some sleep.

The next morning, my husband went down to ask for a different room and it just so happened people were checking in so the clerk just threw a key at him and told him to "check out this room" just to get rid of him and his "overflowing toilet complaint".

We moved to room 312 and it was newly renovated and nicely decorated. It wasn't as large as the junior suite, but it did have a modern flat screen TV and a toilet that never backed up or overflowed. It was however, right next to a staging area where there was some kind of very loud show going on every other night or so...and it started quite late like 9 p.m. Weird. The announcer talked so loudly, it seemed he really didn't need that microphone that he screamed into for at least an hour. After that ended, the disco started downstairs and we could hear the beat basically all night.

We never used the pool because there were never open chairs and besides the volleyball game took over. We did, however, check out towels poolside to take to Medano Beach everyday. We checked them out when we got there and kept them for the whole eight days. 

We did not get the all-inclusive, but did try the breakfast buffet one morning. It was really terrible and cost the three of us $50. …

Feb 2006

Can honestly say, this was the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. No hot water, toilet had issues, the room was smelly, broken bottles outside of our room. And worst of all, the service was horrible. We checked out at midnight after we just couldn’t take it any more, and taxied it to the nearest hotel.

Jan 2006

This hotel is centrally located to everything in town, but it severely lacks the details and service that I was expecting. Pool is not heated, lame poolside activities, mediocre food, & uncomfortable rooms are just to a name a few of the flaws of this hotel. You will be so tired of seeing the same food being put out every day with the all-inclusive plan. Like everybody has said, the beds are brutally hard and bathrooms are dingy and moldy. Hopefully, Tesoro will do some much needed renovations. The outside and lobby of the hotel is nice, and the location is walking distance to all the nightlife. But that is about all the positive things I can say...


Dec 2005

My wife and I spent our honeymoon at the Costa Real the week of Nov 13. Our travel agent arranged with the hotel a honeymoon special surprise for us. We went to check the Sunday we came in about our special surprise with the front lobby and they said to come back the next day to check. 

We got an excellent room with a good view of downtown Cabo San Lucas. The room service was excellent except the 2nd day when our breakfast never arrived. However, we brought this to the front lobby's attention and it was fine the rest of our stay.

We didn't receive our surprise yet our 2nd day and checked with our tour guide who offered to check with the hotel on that day.

On the next day after still not getting our surprise gift, the tour guide referred us to the manager. The manager claimed that the lobby or hotel personnel have been telling us the past few days to have our bags ready to be picked up to be moved to a honeymoon suite with a cake and champagne. Since we had all our things already settled in our room, they could not do it. 

The manager lied, we were never notified about getting ready to move. So, she (the manager) said it was too late to give us this package since somebody else is occupying the suite. I did tell her nobody told us about it, but she kept sticking to her story. The only thing that she arranged is to have champagne sent to our suite, but there were no apologies. 

This is why we would never come back to this hotel and would not recommend it. Everything else was great but for the manager to get on the defensive to a customer on something that was the hotel's fault is suffice to not come back and would not recommend to anybody this hotel.

Dec 2005

…The hotel that we stayed at was selected solely on location as we were not interested in taking cabs or buses every day from the corridor. The Costa Real is located right on the marina and it lives up to everything they say about location - you can crawl home from every major venue in the city. The two major problems that we had with this hotel were the service and the food. We ended up eating out quite a bit because the only edible meal turned out to be breakfast in the one buffet restaurant this hotel offers. There is one a la carte restaurant - Maria's - however, the menu is very, very limited and there is an up-charge for steak, coconut shrimp and lobster. The mini bar was replenished daily with pop and water but only 3 days out of the 7 that we were there, did we receive more beer in our fridge. The rest of the time we had to take the elevator to the lobby bar if we wanted to sit in our room and have a drink. Although this may not seem like a big deal, there are two elevators for the entire hotel. So there was always a wait.

The swimming pool is located on the 2nd floor right beside the buffet restaurant. There is only one pool - it is not heated - and one hot tub - it was broken and had been for two weeks when we got there - and there are too few chairs for the number of guests at the hotel.

And if you don't tip the waiters around the pool and in the buffet restaurant, be prepared to be snubbed the next time you show your face. Although we had tipped at each meal and each time we sat at the bar prior to and afterwards, we were outright ignored by not just one, but several waiters as we did not tip one of them earlier that day for bringing us our drinks. 
We became so frustrated with the poor service that on our third day there, we attempted to get transferred to another hotel however, by the time our travel rep responded to our request, there were only two nights left of a seven night stay.
I don't recommend this hotel and I will forgo "location, location, location!!!" for comfort and service from this day forward.

Dec 2005

…The hotel itself is kind of mixed. The pool is small and plain, and the hot tub is a bit of a joke. The first room we had was a bit smaller than we were used to, but it was nicely renovated. We stayed there for the first few days, until water started dripping out of a ceiling light fixture. They switched us to another room, which was a hassle because we did the packing, and although they said they would move our bags, they took so long; we ended up doing it ourselves. Then we discovered that they moved us to an un-renovated room. This room was smelly and old. We expected an upgrade as it was not our fault that our room was leaking water! We settled for another renovated room that was almost as nice as our original room, but not after a couple of hours of complaining, packing, waiting, moving and more moving. Who needs this when you are on vacation?
We only ate at the hotel. They charge extra for shrimp and lobster at the a la carte restaurant, and the buffet is limited. On day 5 I got sick, but my wife was fine. I think it was fruit or salad that I ate in the buffet.
Keeping in mind that this was the most economical tropical vacation we had ever taken, then it was not too bad, but we would probably go to a different resort next time.

Dec 2005

From the moment we checked in, to the moment we checked out, we experienced the "Real" touch...Don't come to this hotel if you want to experience good food, or even a "hot meal" for that matter...the buffet food was terrible as expected, but the fact the hotel doesn't even keep the buffet food heated is a real downer...on a brighter note the buffet is great for vegetarians as their is pretty much no meat on the menu expect for boiled hot dogs and chicken. The beach is nice, but very crowded and the beach venders make it hell to enjoy as you can't get a moments peace...in addition, you have to take a boat to the beach, and you can probably count yourself lucky if the boat makes it to the beach in one piece...The hotel staff are ok, although several of them were rude and seemed to serve everyone at the bar before serving Americans and Canadians.... The hotel's "24" hour buffet consists of stale sandwiches at the front desk after the buffet shuts at 9pm...the sandwiches may or may not be there depending on what the hotel feels like...The last bar in the hotel serves drinks at 11pm, so don't expect any alcohol after that. 

The room service is fine, but takes about 1-2 hours to get what you ordered...house keeping also has the "Real" touch, so don't expect clean towels or any towels for that matter in the rooms. The hotel advertises itself as "all inclusive" including premium cuts of meat, but they try to charge for steaks... The hotel also has no set policies for room upgrades, and will try to charge you different prices for everything depending on who you get at front desk....We found the town to be unsafe at night, and the nightlife to be dead and boring...On a final note, the hotel has changed its name again, I believe it is now called the "Tesoro"...with the new name came a few changes such as the hiring of a solo security guard and a few new signs...


Dec 2005

This is the best location in Cabo and worst run of all hotels. They play music that is high on drums and bass guitar until 3am. It makes no difference where you stay in the hotel. They also have a second floor really dumb loud show from 8-10 every night that is really loud. If they got rid of their entertainment, they would do well. Only stay if you like to be awake during the night or bring ear plugs

Aug 2005

The hotel service was not good at all. They were very rude and tried making a dollar every chance they got. The food was overpriced and the beds are very hard! The pool was not clean at all, very cloudy. They kept deprogramming our room key, so we had to keep going down to reception, a looong walk. They also charge u to take u to the beach, or you wait an hour. The only thing good was the location, close to the clubs. Never stay here again.

June 2005

A night club was right under our room and from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the loud music shook our room. There was water leaking from the hallway ceiling in front of our front door. The service in the restaurant (2nd floor) was below average. The hotel has a nice lobby.

June 2005

Just took this trip in June of 2005 so listen to what I'm telling you this is bar none the worst Hotel I've ever stayed in The service is the worst!!!!!.... The rooms are HOT with pretty much NO AC!!!! The Beds are rock hard and there is only one Elevator in the whole place so you might have to walk damn near 1/2 mile just to get to your room!!! And that is no exaggeration....I tired to change my room to no avail...with again rude customer service! So just a warning to anyone staying at this hotel beware, and the food is not good and they tend to run out of everything including liquor and beer!

April 2005

Go to this place with the lowest expectations and you may not be disappointed. 

From the minute we got there, the front desk personnel tried to make our stay miserable. They claimed we didn't have a reservation, we did. They claimed we didn't reserve a king size bed, we did. They claimed we were not all inclusive, we were. This may be a way to find out how far they have to go to cheat you. When we showed them a copy of our reservations (king sized bed and all inclusive), they acted confused and, after a half hour, managed to find a room with a king sized bed, about a half mile from the one elevator in this hotel. The room had a great view, however, I don't think the A/C ever got the room below 85 degrees.

The food was average, but most of the bar and wait staff tried hard to please.

Because of the way we were treated by the front desk, and the poor condition of the room, we won't be going back to Costa Real.

July 2005

I will attempt to be nice as I can with my description the staff was very nice and accommodating but everyday we were awaken by sounds of drilling noise, hammering and banging due to the fact that they are in the process of renovating the hotel which it does need a facelift but guest should be advised that they will be rcvg a construction alarm or get a discount for the inconvenience. The water pressure is low most of the time which showers are impossible to take and being in a climate of min 100 degrees or more bathing is a necessity suggestion get up at 5am to shower or else out of luck till after 1pm. and I have never been in a room without a clock or one picture on the wall. now luckily tequila is the drink of the island cause when you lay on the beds you want to not know you are there they make you feel as though you are on lock down in a prison the beds feel like concrete slabs to say the least BUT they do provide nice goose down feather pillows. I can say that squid roe is the place to party so definitely go there. and last but not least beware of timeshare crooks they will nab you from corner 2 corner and even in the hotel lobby they ALL have game.
The hotel is located in the best location for convenience it is the best place to stay you are in the heart of downtown easy access to everything


June 2005

I was at the Costa Real Cabo Resort and Suites from June 20th thru June 25th 2005. This was my 5th trip to Cabo and the only one with a bad experience.
I had booked my reservation 4 months in advance and had requested a view of the marina and I had explained that I was taking my Mother to Cabo for her "85th" Birthday. This was her first time there and I wanted it to be a memorable experience.

Upon checking we were greeted by a woman behind the desk who had a bad attitude, no one explained anything about the hotel welcome package we were to get, and then passed on to the "welcome desk". I don't know how many times you need to say "I am not interested in a TIME SHARE presentation!" Those women were nice but when I inquired about two specific restaurants to make reservations I was lied to and told they were closed and tried to refer us elsewhere. Guess what, I walked across the street and a local said no way they are open...just walk to the end of this street.

Let's get to the room adventure. Walking to our room we were greeted with extremely loud drilling, they were doing remodeling. We were taken to an end unit with a lovely view of a pile of dirt overlooking a gravel parking lot, along with a large plastic tube with gravel being dropped down it into a dumpster. I went down to the desk and complained about the noise (which by the way started at 9:00 AM until 6:00 or 8:00 PM) and lack of view. I asked for my room to be changed for what I had paid for well in advance and was told sorry there aren't any rooms, that is all we have for you. Nothing to say we are sorry for the inconvenience.
We ordered a basket of rolls and hot tea in the morning and were given a basket of four stale rolls, no butter, no jelly, no napkins, and no silverware.
The room was semi cleaned, the floor was always full of dirt filtering out of the ceiling due to the drilling, so our bed was always full of dirt each evening.
Will I ever stay there again..............NEVER.

April 2005

I spent several days at Costa Real Cabo and my advice is don't even bother wasting your time or money. I'm not sure where, exactly, to start, but the best place is probably the lobby where immediately upon check-in you will be assaulted by aggressive people trying to bully you into attending (4-hour) time share presentations in exchange for free pirate ship excursions and sunset horseback riding. In fact, you can't even walk THROUGH the lobby without being harassed by numerous vendors at any time of the day or night. Being hassled in the streets is one thing, and somewhat common in Cabo, but in the LOBBY of the hotel?? And in the elevator, and at the pool, and in the shops, and probably in your bathroom if they could get a key from the front desk.

All-inclusive food and drinks at Costa Real Cabo means you don't get what you don't pay for. The drinks at all of the bars were completely watered down. Your best bet for alcohol is to order beer since they can't pop the bottle cap and dilute the contents. The food on the lobby restaurant menu was okay, but the buffet food was less than memorable and contained enough MSG to make a Chinese restaurant proud. A word of caution about the food on the second-floor buffet -- be prepared to share it with the pigeons. The birds have free access to all of the food on the bar, and the sight of them landing on the dessert platters and digging into the key lime pie was a terrific source of entertainment for everyone who ventured in there (by the way, it's your only option for breakfast and lunch in the hotel). The buffet servers stood by and watched the birds, and shrugged when one of our group suggested they remove the pies the birds had been jumping in and out of. I'm not exaggerating. 

Eating dinner in the lobby restaurant is no guarantee of a quiet meal, either. Children wander off the street through the lobby bar and restaurant and tug on your elbow every five minutes at the table trying to get you to buy whistles and jewelry. They also wander in and take regular advantage of the unattended 24-hour "snack bar" which consisted of cold hot dogs and a chafing dish of chicken fingers.

The rooms are clean enough, if you can get room service there to clean on a daily basis (we had to call the front desk at 6:00 PM one evening and beg them to send someone to clean our room), but be prepared to walk a mile or more through long winding hallways to get to your room, and, when you finally get there, don't expect a good night's sleep on the beds, which are, literally, as hard as concrete slabs. The front desk staff was casual and unconcerned. They explained to two of our guests that their toilets kept getting clogged because the plumbing between the bathtub drain and the toilet pipes was faulty. They didn't offer to move the guests to another room, or to fix the toilets, but they were helpful enough to leave plungers.

This hotel (the "Resort and Spa" moniker is one VERY large leap of imagination) is probably a safe bet for non-discriminating college students wanting to drink large amounts of anything alcoholic on spring break, but if you are accustomed to even a shred of comfort and class, look someplace besides Costa Real Cabo. You couldn't PAY me to spend a single night there again, and if you're considering the place for business purposes, spare yourself and your company the embarrassment. Your clients will thank you.


April 2005

We stayed at the Costa Real Cabo from Feb. 13 to Feb. 18, 2005 on the all-inclusive plan. The location was ok on the marina, but all the close "Hot Spots" are just bars with high prices. Nice to see once. But probably wouldn't go back. Nice view, but expect noisy from the marina side until the wee hours. If you don't care to walk literally blocks to get to and from your room this property might not be for you.

The food ranged from terrible to good, depending on the day. Problem is, within two hours of eating dinner on our last night we were both overcome with vomiting and diarrhea that lasted all night. The desk staff acted unconcerned and said the Pharmacy down the street opened in a few hours. Of course, the eight hours we spent flying home were hell.

We could not have gotten sick anywhere else because we ate and drank only at our hotel that entire day. If you value your health, I'd pass on this one.

March 2005

Families should avoid this hotel during Spring Break. While the breakers were there we got no sleep from 2 am - about 5 am. Also, the pool was no place to hang out with kids while the breakers are there. As others have noted, the beds were hard as rocks. Seriously, if your sleep number is below 120 don't think about it. I've camped on ground softer than these beds. The security bands are a pain for several reasons - a) they stink - if you sleep with your hands by your face...b) They mark you all over town c) They won't give them to your older kids then demand to see them later. 

Also, avoid the activities woman by the elevator. She tries to pass herself off as a hotel employee but is really just another time share salesperson. She'll have $20 from you have you signed up to visit time shares before you know what hit you.

Location was great and rooms were clean. Adobe décor was nice at first, but the lack of light and hard beds made you feel like it was the Flintstones house after about day 3. Front desk check in was slow and unconcerned. Will not go back and am soured on other Real resorts.

Feb 2005

So noisy!! Made our trip UNBEARABLE. The walls in this place sound like hollow stucco............ Never Again!!!





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