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Tesoro Resorts Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


January 2009

The Tesoro security went out onto the malecon (boardwalk) mid day and attempted to remove mexican citizens that sell the pottery and other trinkets there legally. Apparently the Tesoro management instructed their security to remove the native indian mexicans from the property, only the property they were on doesnt belong to the Tesoro resorts company, It is a privately owned area of the malecon. A fight insued between Tesoro security and local vendors and the security team soon found themselves being beaten by little old women and children. The Tesoro security then used pepper spray on the mexican people trying to quell the situation but this backfired as the security force ended up pepper spraying an innocent group of tourists trying to eat lunch at a restaurant on the malecon. The restaurant had to be evacuated while the pepper spray subsided. This hotel and its parent company located in the states should look into how to treat mexican citizens in their own home. 
I will never stay there or at any of their other hotels again

January 2009

Stayed at the hotel for a week. The location was great for access to the marina. The hotel is in a great location. The Cabo Wabo, Seafood Restaurant, the marlin are all with just a block or so. The rooms were clean and well taken care. The balcony was a bit odd as you shared it with the room next to you. They offer all inclusive, European or just hotel. The whale watching from the hotel was easy just a quick walk down to the marine. The whales in February (???this was posted in January so we're confused about the whales in February???) were outstanding!

January 2009

Corrupt management. Theiving employees. Abusive staff. Please stay there just so you can see what i mean

January 2009

Close to restaurants and right on the marina. Staff was rude upon check in and check out. Rooms are very far from the elevator. I felt like I was in a corn maze. I asked for some clean towels the next morning b/c I used mine when i checked in. The front desk and housekeeping said they were on the way. One hour later still did not receive them. We won’t be back but I think other have had a much better experieince.

January 2009

Hotel cleaning staff stole my diamond ring out of the room. I confronted the hotel supervisor who was NO help and gave me the run around. The GM finally came after 2 hours of fighting and did nothing but walk away and tell me too bad. At time of check out I owed $150 on my room tab & refused to pay due to the staff stealing my ring. The hotel called the police and were going to have ME arrested if I didn't pay, but did NOTHING about my ring. The staff there was trained to say, NO and not help you in anyway. It was the worst hotel service ever. The GM and supervisors there are rude and very unprofessional. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. What a way to end your vacation having the Mexican police come and threaten to arrest me. I had to pay the $150 so I could return home and not be thrown in a Mexican jail. And now since returning home, I find my credit number has been stolen so I am assuming the hotel staff is at fault for this too, since I used my card there. What a bunch of stealers! WORST experience of my life. I would NOT stay here EVER. Management was RUDE, a bunch of crooks & hotel management is aware and stands by their stealing staff.

January 2009

Bad Service. First room we were given had broken lock on patio which was easy to climb onto. Requested and got a second room, but hotel made us move to a third room when we got back, late at night. Left expensive jacket in second room and it was gone next morning, even tho room was still empty. The hotel made no attempt to find nor did they offer compensation or even apology.

January 2009

I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I thought someone out there may appreciate a fair warning. The hotel itself is ideally situated, and very clean. Close to many restaurants and shops. It did in fact take over an hour to check in, by four different people. The front desk staff was rude and unorganized. Even the manager tried to "find our name in the system" and walked away in the middle of searching to go help someone else. I paid a great price for the trip so as far as that goes, I can't complain. But if you're looking to stay somewhere that has great service by knowledgeable people...this is not the place for you.
F.Y.I. the room service delievered cold food an hour later so I don't recommend that either.
If you do end up choosing this hotel, good luck!
Other than that, if it is your first trip to Mexico, please don't base all of Mexico solely on this hotels bad service. Mexico has alot to offer and many memorable experiences to create.

January 2009

Hotel room was the smallest I have ever stayed in. Not even room for a chair. And the view out the one window was of a wall. We had to run the hot water for almost ten minutes before it got warm.

January 2009

Right from the start we had a feeling this experience was not going to be "the stuff of legends".

The staff at the front desk was less than friendly, our check-in seemed like quite the burden to them. After our brief encounter with the surly staff members we trekked out to our room through a winding corridor and were suprised by the diminutive nature of our room. Barely larger than our bed, cold damp tile throughout and it's less than awe inspiring view (our window opened up into the hallway, great for people watching I guess) we weren't exactly filled with the satisfaction of money well spent.

The paper-thin walls treated us to the sounds and reverberations of every peep and whisper around us, every time the gentleman above us would urinate we could hear what sounded like a waterfall squeezing into a tin can. Oh, and back to the window, every noise from the hallway was amplified like a loudspeaker through our hallway-view-window reducing any sense of comfort to a level I can barely describe.

The shower did not operate properly, and it would seem ours was not the only one in need of repair as the ceiling above us had water stains and a hole where it would appear to have been leaking for quite some time.

And while not directly related to the hotel, our experience on the marina to which the hotel connected to was less than exemplary. I understand that in many foreign countries the existence of street vendors is quite commonplace but not even five feet from the hotel the hordes of swarthy peddlers selling massproduced trinkets, likely to turn your skin green, was almost enough to make our broom-closet of a room seem more inviting. And if the over priced and overly commercialized knick-knacks that they were pressing into your palms wasn't bad enough they were soliciting the sale of "blow" and "weed" to every passer-by....

December 2008

I was given a regular room even though I reserved a suite this is the second stay at the hotel I will not go back. The pool is not heated. last year they said the heater was being repaired and this year i was told it has not worked in years. It could be a fantastic hotel with a little more upgrades the location is one of the best in cabo

December 2008

This hotel is right on the Cabo San Lucas marina, and is very close to many of the spots you want to visit in Los Cabos. Just blocks from Cabo Wabo, Squid Roe, and the mall. The hotel room I had was small, but did have a great view which was probably the pest thing about the hotel. The staff was less than knowledgable about tours etc in the area. In fact when I asked them they just told me to walk out to the marina and I could find tours. 

The water in the hotel is not drinkable, but as the sign in the bathroom said "... is safe for bathing." I also need to note that the shower temperature is either all the way cold or all the way hot. I found myself dreading the freezing scald I would receive with each shower.

They do provide a small safe in your room for valuables, but it IS NOT BOLTED DOWN!

The Marina:
The marina is basically the port area for the cruise ships and is full of places to eat, and vendors selling hand crafts. They absolute hound you to death about going fishing, water taxi's, buying things, eat here amigo... and the guys selling the silver jewelry will do everything but grab you to keep you. They stand in your way, will not stop asking, and most of them will say (when you refuse the jewelry) "hey do you want weed or blow?"

Not a family place to say the least!


Well lets just say if you like laying on the beach Cabo is a great place to visit. Otherwise you will be board in a day or two.

I would NOT recommend Tesoro to someone with a family or on a honeymoon. Stay at one of the big resorts outside of the marina area. If you are young and like to party, buy drugs, and want to be close to the strip clubs (5 less then 4 blocks away), and you only want your room to pass out in... this is the place for you.

Oh, I also need to say that if you are counting on using the computer in their "business center" to check email... forget it. It is a old machine, that was down most of the time and a ton of people waiting to use it.

December 2008

DO NOT let them put you in a room on the west side.. there is a club there.. even on the 5th floor I could feel the bass like I was inside a pinata at a kids 8th birthday.

Don't buy anything in the store within the hotel.. they charge 50 pesos for a bottle of water.. now let me say that again.. in us dollars. They charge 6 dollars for a bottle of water... ! Go up the street away from the main drag to the grocery store ( across from the Hard Rock Resto) and you can buy the same bottle for 80 cents 

If your looking for a quiet getaway this isn't the hotel... the Marina can be loud at night especially on weekends into the wee hours. There is also construction going on where they are raping the hill above the Marina.This is not a romantic getaway hotel.. or family hotel... go east my friends if you want that about 6 miles east.

The food is ok but again its 17 USD for the breakfast buffet...alone

The staff are friendly and the rooms are clean.. Priceline says this is a three 1/2 star hotel but I would say its more under ... 2 1/2 is more like it. 

Some of the rooms have plumbing issues ( gassy smells ) and musty smells.. so check your room before you get it. Don't bother calling down to the front desk if you have a problem.. go directly to them right away.

Each room has a safe USE IT.... I never in my wildest dreams thought that the maid would open my room when I forgot my key but she did and didn't ask for ID.... also I came back to the room one morning to find my neighbor sunning himself on my balcony.. they are ajoined and he for some reason had the key.... I thought this only happened in movies... it clearly doesn't.

October 2008

We stayed in April and it was the worst hotel experience of my life. The food was horrible including their ala carte restaurant that was a similiar standard to a Denny's. We ended up eating out every day. In our room although spacious and clean, our shower curtain fell off daily and our shower head had no pressure. Despite calling numerous times to have these fixed, nothing happened. The pool was lined with a rubber layer as it obviously needed refinishing and this was a cheaper alternative. The pool layer was coming up and you had to watch out that you didn't trip over the layers of excess rubber. If you wanted to relax by the pool, you had to put up with the activities team who were loud and their repetitive music choice unbearable.

September 2008

When we arrived the front desk told us the hotel was booked and there were no rooms available even though we had reservations. It took about an hour and an extra "$40 cash" to the front desk rep to find an available room. 

We got put in the recently remodled rooms which was not completly finished and did not get the king/bed room we paid for. Instead a queen bed turned sideways to make it look like a king. You realize something is wrong when your feet hang off the edge of the bed! Absolutely no water pressure for the shower-the water sprinkled out. The peep hole in the door wasn't even installed and blue masking tape was put over it!

After complaining again we got put into another room the next day-it was larger but older, not remodled. The queen mattress was on top of a concrete slab. The shower flooded the room from the bathroom to the bed. When we asked if someone could clean it up all they did was give us a stack of pool towels to put on the floor. 

On our last day, we were packing up to leave and another couple walked in and opened our door with a key!! The front desk released the room and we weren't even checked out yet!!

There are time share recruiters bugging you in the lobby - annoying.

Don't eat at the restaurant in the hotel. A steak there is more like a hamburger patty.

Probably the worst hotel experience ever.

July 2008 

First we booked our stay through our timeshare...When we arrived after being told it was an all inclusive resort with one fee for the week, we were told very rudely that is was paid daily and a totally different fee...Tesoro would not let us stay there if we did not pay the daily fee..They also did not want to call the manager down or call our timeshare company to confirm our reservation..They were rude and did nothing to try to help us..We ended up going to a better resort and one that had a private beach for way less money!!!~

My daughter and I stayed at three hotels, El Presidente, Hilton Los Cabos and Tesoro. I like to move around and not stay in one hotel for two reasons 1. it allows me to see more of the area without the extra transporation costs 2. If I don't like a hotel I know I will be moving in a day or so. This hotel had the worst service and cleanliness of the three. We aarived at 12 and check in was at three (we were able to check in early at other hotels) we tried to check in we waited for a while they tried to resolve other guests problems. When we finally reached the desk they couldn't find our reservation. Once that was resolved we were told to come back after three as they didn't have rooms availalbe (which we understood).

We were very apprehensive given the other reviews. Unfortunately they were correct about some things. The rooms have been recently remolded but lack personality, stark white walls, limited or no art and feel very generic. the bathroom sinks ran rusty water and we had something I don't want to try to figure out smeared on our sink and toilet paper holder. The buffet had several food items just not what we wanted to eat (lots of stewed and fried dishes) oh and a lot of flies something we didn't see at our other hotels. 
the hotel put on an evening entertainment shows which I thought was nice but could stand the flies around me or the outdoor buffet ,again something we didn't encounter at the other hotels.
So for the pluses, this hotel is at the end of Cabo San Lucas and really in walking distance of everything you would want to see. Several restaurants and stores every where you turned. On the marina so great access to water activities.
No problems with safe or door lock actually felt safe and we saw plenty of hotel securty around.

The guests who were staying for and extended amount of time seemed to be happy and lots of fun to be had at the pool as well as a 24 snack bar that was accessible by your key card. 
Great locations for shopping *better prices than in San Jose and more variety.

We had a great rate and needed one night so it served our purpose. By the way they do push the time share but not over the top and will stop when you say no.~

Just got back from a week at Tesoro and definitely felt the pain of some of the other reviewers, as this is a below average resort experience at best. Overall, the resort is okay and the location on the Marina is extremely convenient, however it's not nearly nice enough to waste "all-inclusive" fees on, since you won't want to spend all your time on-site. If you stay here, save your money for the all-inclusive and spend it on some nice meals out and some groceries for your breakfast. 

The rooms are nice and clean, with spacious balconies, a nice tile shower, and tile floors thoughout. Some of the negatives are hard beds, a small bathroom, and rooms that face the pool being subjected to the same loud, annoying music mix for most of the day. The pool area is equivalent to that of a Days Inn, just a plain rectangle with a bleak concrete patio surrounding it with very little private space and even less shade. Not exactly "resort" style! The main dining area, "La Vista", is right off the pool and does have a relaxed cabana feel to it, although the food was not anything special. We did not have any experiences with theft, and felt very safe with our belongings. We always locked the balcony and used the safe, but that should be the norm at almost all resorts for smart guests.

The major area that gave me a negative experience was the staff. They either acted like they thought they were running a summer camp for high schoolers, or walked around like they had been imprisoned against their will. There were more employees than guests on our stay, which usually equals exceptional personal service, but unfortunately we experienced mostly the opposite. The front desk staff all acted like it was their first day on the job each time we had to interact with them, and were devoid of any helpfulness or enthusiasm. On one occasion we visited the Pueblo Bonito Resort to use their beach (as is offered by the Tesoro and has a pool and beach set-up worthy of a Resort) and made arrangements to be picked up by the last Tesoro shuttle at 5:30pm. After enjoyng Pueblo Bonito's ammenities, we waited from 5:20-5:45 for our shuttle not to arrive. Pueblo Bonito's concierge called Tesoro for us, was told not only that no one reserved the 5:30 shuttle, but that no shuttle would be coming for us even though we needed a ride. After walking the 25+ minutes back to Tesoro we complained to the front desk, who passed the buck without hesitation to the Bellhops who handle the shuttle reservations. The Bellhop claimed he wasn't on duty at 2:00 when we made the reservation, so we asked to see the reservation book in which we had seen our 5:30 reservation written in. He basically just smiled and told us he didn't know anything about it! No one at Tesoro ever even apologized or tried to figure out what happened.

The "entertainment" staff around the pool, makes relaxing out there impossible. You can't force your guests to be entertained! It was run like a summer camp...the same music mix would start every day at the same time, at the same volume, whether there was 3 or 30 people poolside. Activities are great if there's a large amount of people ready to play, but trying to guilt people into joining is awkward at best. Beside the pool volleyball, the activities (ping pong, basketball, etc) are in bad condition and not worth your time. If you wanted to relax at the pool bar, think twice. It's dirty and needs improvement, not to mention that some one four foot away from you might be blowing a whistle loudly, yelling into a microphone, or knocking a volleyball into your head. A few times I actually had to get up and leave the pool area just to find a better area to relax. The entertainment staff would get an attitude if you didn't want to participate in their games and would address you in a condescending manner for the rest of the day. 
I also got to experience my own personal "Poppy" moment, which while it makes for a funny story, is not too cool. One afternoon while at the pool I needed to run to the bathroom under the pool deck. Upon entering the bathroom, one of the chefs was relieving himself in full uniform and hat at the unrinal. I walked into the stall next to him, heard him flush the toilet, then watched in amazement as he zipped up and darted right out the door without washing his hands. I really hope he washed up in the kitchen, but it made me look at the buffet food a little closer each day.

There were some exceptions to the overall poor service; Gregorio, the head waiter at the downstairs dinner restaurant provided the type of service you would expect at a 5-star resort (he should be working at Las Ventanas). He was courteous, genuine, and charming each night, making us look forward to eat there each night even though the food was ordinary. If you do stay here (against my recommendations), make sure you get Gregorio to make you his special after dinner coffee with ice cream and Presidente and bring your camera for cool photos of the 'fire'works. Guadalupe, the bartender at the downstairs bar is also a genuinely friendly person and made you feel like an important guest of the resort.

It's not hard to make your guests enjoy their stay (just go look at any of the resorts that get good reviews), but Tesoro has a lot to figure out if they plan on staying in business in today's economy. They have a good building and location, but until they upgrade the pool area to a true resort-style layout and teach their staff how to be courteous and helpful like Gregorio, they will have a lot of "one and done" guests. I am one of them and I can assure you that I will pick another location on my next trip to Cabo.~

June 2008

Do not stay at this hotel! They try to rip off Americans. We had a guy break into our room at 2 in the morning and steal our microwave. Turns out the doors to do not lock probably which might have had something to do with all the workers we had in our room trying to fix the safe. Like the other reviewer, the safe never worked and they actually took the whole thing out of the wall. A security guy was called and actually walked into our room unannounced over an hour and half after we reported the incident. We were in bed and they demanded that my husband get up and explain what happened to their microwave. My husband told him he didn't have it and why would he take it. We were sleeping. They guy left and my husband told him he would talk to him in the morning. The security guards accused him of taking the microwave and then putting it in the lobby damaged. Some how it just turned up there the next morning. We had never touched the microwave. It only got worse. We tried to book a horseback riding trip and the guy told us that the exchange rate was 10.9 when there was a sign over his head that said 10.2. My husband told him forget it. The next day, I was in the shower, and the "manager" walked into our room, again no knocking, just came in and told my husband he had to come downstairs right now. My husband said to get dressed. He came back up and said that we were leaving right now. That the manager claimed that we had been fighting all night long and treating his staff uncourteously. None of which was true, we were one of the older couples at the resort and acted appropriately. We were escourted by 2 police men and with guards stationed around the lobby to the check out desk. The manager handed my husband a bill for the 8 days, we had stayed 2 1/2, and $2,000 dollars US added on for the microwave. That is when we knew we had better sign the bill and pay or there would be real trouble. My husband handed the manager his American Express card and the manager said they didn't take it. My husband explained that they had taken it when we had checked in to put the deposit down and we didn't have anything else. The manager begrudgingly accepted it. We got in a taxi and went to Pueblo Bonito where we had a wonderful time. When we got back to the states and contacted American Express, they said that this hotel was known for this type of scam and it is popular at other resort hotels. American Express refunded all our money on the spot. We were just so happy to get out of there unscathed. We tried not to let it ruin the rest of our week. Just be careful and if it seems fishy get out before we did!~

June 2008

Hotel Tesoro was an ok hotel. Basically, you get what you pay for. And we got what I expected for the price. The hotel was recently renovated and room amenities were nice. The food was decent and I found the staff friendly. The entertainment staff can be a bit annoying but they were trying hard so you gotta give Carlos credit. :). The hotel is in the heart of downtown and everything is within walking distance. The only negative thing was the language barrier (although I realize, I was coming into their country). Many employees didn't speak English well, but when you'd ask then something, they would always say yes. This was a little annoying and took a day or two to catch on. You basically have to take everything with a grain of salt when asking anything. Other than that the stay was good. Most of the guest were young (18-30). If you're looking for a good time and don't want to go overboard with your budget, I recommend Tesoro.~

April 2008

The only good thing I can say about this place is the location. The pool is horrible. The service is horrible. There is no beach its right on the marina, which may appeal to some folks. The hotel has the worst lay out I have ever imagined. When you go back to your room, you feel like you are a hamster in a maze. I booked the trip for seven of my buddies and myself. We obviously wanted to stay close to one another, but instead they put us at opposite ends of the hotel. My roomate and I timed how long it took to walk from our room to our friends room and back, 14 minutes. It has one elevator shaft that is centrally located. We never had a chance to even lock up our travel documents, money, jewellry, return tickets, etc. Everyday they told us that they would have safe locks in tomorrow, and I'm talking everyday till we left. It was actually getting quite comical near the end and we just asked to hear there response. We even offered to pay for the locks!!! Not a very safe feeling. I couldn't believe it, it was like they were all in on this big scam. Everyone at the front desk was a manager. You couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone. I plugged my buddies toilet one day and called down to let them know something was wrong with the plumbing. They said they would send someone right up. It took 6 calls and 22 hours (not to mention me going down to the lobby to let everyone who was checking in that my buddies couldn't even use there toilets) later to have it fixed. All inclusive was a joke, there is only 2 beers a day allowed in your rooms, this is what we learned after we pounded the first too beers in the first ten minutes we were there. What a nightmare checking in, it was extremely trying to keep your cool. The airconditioner in the room was so loud we couldn't even use it. No one had a clue on how to fix it, we ended up putting in earplugs till we couldn't stand it anymore. So we sweat all night long every night. Hardest beds I have ever slept on. One of my buddies didn't even have a shower curtain in his bathroom. Food was horrible. I can't really say one good thing about the place. I would have honestly rather stayed at a hostel. If your broke and have nothing to loose, go ahead and stay there. It was cheap, but still not even worth the money. I have never written a review before, but I as a human being, I feel it is my duty to let everyone know that this place is absolutely horrible in every sense of the word. I would not even say this place is worthy of the one star I gave it, but there is no option to make it a no star. Good luck if you book. Watch your valuables!!!!~

Nov 2007

Nice rooms and good location by marina / downtown. Hotel did not advise our travel agent of construction. Jack hammers and power saws every morning 830 sharp. Average pool. Hotel would not honor $25 MasterCard food and beverage promotional credit and a hotel employee threatened not to let us leave if we didn't pay our $15 food charge. Hagglers galore at marina entrance.

Oct 2007

This is your hotel if you like your stay to be a "Prison Theme Park". Security is extreme with guards dressed in military outfits constantly patrolling both outside and within. In addition there seem to be a lot of police officers in flak jackets hanging around outside. Once inside you are constantly watched. Do not invite friends to visit you in the hotel as they are not allowed. The food was marginal at best and the drinks at the "all inclusive bar" are so watered down you are lucky to feel any effects whatsoever. The hotel is over 300 yards long yet it only has one area of access, elevators located just off the lobby and a well hidden stairway behind the elevators. Other access points are padlocked shut. Pray that there isn't a fire in the core of the building during your stay. Personnel are poorly trained. We witnessed a drowning at the pool on the morning of October 12th and the hotel staff ran around helpless. You couldn't pay me to return to this hotel.

Oct 2007

We just got back October 9th. Please save yourself from making the mistake that I did. I saw the bad reviews but we had stayed here twice before when it was Plaza Los Glorias and Costa Real. I even called our travel company and asked if they had heard of any complaints. Well it was bad. Our first room had no air conditioning and the windows did not open. We demanded another room and it was the same, no AC and no windows that open. The third room had no AC and the window opened but to an interior hallway with no breeze. Most of the good rooms with ocean views are under renovation. It was so bad that we moved to another hotel and paid for another room rather than stay here.

The manager (on the job one week) said there was nothing they could do and did not give us a refund.

Please learn from my mistake and do not stay here.


Oct 2007

We have been to Cabo 3 times. This was by far the worst experience we have had. The Tesoro rented us a room that was not fully renovated. It didn't have curtains (sunlight at 6am = killer) no safe, no proper running water (none at all one day) rude and unhelpful staff. At check in, they wouldn't give us our all inclusive wrist bands. We did not eat or drink on the property for a week. Although they did charge us the all inclusive prices. All of our requests were ignored. Management was of no assistance. No iron, no ice bucket (didn’t matter, ice machine didn't work), no coffee maker, units with kitchens had none of the above and no dishes or pots and pans. Fridge didn't work. No remote for the TV. This all inclusive package contained nothing. We paid the price and received nothing. Bad choice. The location was the only good thing. Liked staying on the marina and in town. Not worth the hassle though.

Sept 2007

This was the worst vacation I have ever had. I went with 15 other guys to the Tesoro Los Cabos for my Bachelor Party. Unfortunately, that was a mistake. Three out of the seven rooms were broke into. They stole two watches, three cameras, and $$$. We went to the hotel staff and they treated us like criminals. No help what so ever. We got nothin but the run around. One of our rooms never had A/C, so two guys in our group stayed in another room. As for the food, our best meal was definitely not at the Tesoro. The Tesoro has a weak buffet for its guest. Definitely not what I imagined. If you stay at this hotel, make sure you lock up everything you own in the safe provided and don't go with an appetite. If you can book your vacation at another resort, do it now!!!!!

Sept 2007

After being told our room would be ready about 1:00 it was 4:00 and we had to still wait for the girl to finish as we unpacked. during our 4 days here we never had hot water in our shower and the front desk assured us every day it would be fixed never happened recently had surgery on my leg and requested a room near the only elevator in the motel instead we were stuck on the back forty with a 5-10 min walk every time we left the room. The food was mediocre the view from the pool was the only plus also I have to say the location was great. To bad they can not get any good help this would be an average to good place to stay. If you enjoy fishing as we do. The docks are right at your finger tip. Only reason I would stay here again would be the rates and location

Sept 2007

We went to Cabo for a Bachelor party. There were 10 guys and 5 rooms booked, with 2 guys to share each room. Every one of the 5 rooms had only 1 queen bed when we specifically asked for 2 single beds when we booked the rooms. So we immediately went back down to the front desk to have the rooms changed but the hotel staff basically said
"Tough luck, if you want 2 beds you need to pay us another $40 per night per room to "upgrade"". 

Next bad point is there is only luke warm water in the shower and the
pressure is non existent. It trickles out and you have a hard time getting the shampoo out of your hair. The pressure seems to be worse at night where it’s pretty much impossible to take a shower.

Next bad point is I woke up with red bites on my knee the first morning but I wasn't sure they were bites or if I'd maybe scraped my knee and not noticed. By the 2nd morning I knew for sure, I had raised, itchy bites like fleabites as did my roomie. Hotel staff said
there's nothing they can do because there's no rooms to move us to (unless we want to pay $40 more per night).

Last thing, their pictures make it look like the hotel is on the beach. It isn't. It’s next to a marina, so you have to take a water taxi back and forth to the beach.

Side note: Cabo is very expensive for dining and drinks. It costs more than being back in the USA whereas the other side of Mexico (Cancun, etc.) is slightly cheaper than the USA and much more beautiful and the water warmer and clearer, etc. I would advise people not to bother with Cabo. Not really sure why it got a good name in the first place.

Sept 2007

Our trips starts with 4 out of 7 of our rooms were broke into. The thieves took two watches, three cameras, and $$$$. The staff did nothing to help us out. We felt like criminals. The food was bad. The walk to your room is incredibly long. One room never had A/C for the whole trip. I will never go back there again.

Aug 2007

I have never been to such a terrible hotel!! They stole from our rooms and the staff was a joke, they couldn’t do anything right. I was truly disappointed, and feel ripped off of the money I spent.

Aug 2007

We are not sure what went wrong to start with but we and our friends kept getting locked out of our rooms. My room while clean was not cool enough and the fan didn't work. They say they will fix it but they don't. They really don't care if you complain about anything. My friends sat outside their room for 3 hours until 1:30 in the morning before being let in. The 2nd time we were locked out they snickered at each other while they opened it. Most of the employees are rude and we ended up being afraid to stay there. After 2 different people entered our friends room while they were in it (who knows what for) we checked out even though we were paid for the night. I love Cabo Villa and they "took us in". Don't stay here!!!

Aug 2007

I was thinking of staying here, so I of course wanted to check my favorite travel site for reviews.

These reviews range from great to positively dismal. MOST of them bashing the hotel, staff, management, food, security, thefts, bars, etc.

Why is it that the Hotel has not posted one reply to any of the accusations, claims, disputes or discrepancies?

Sounds to me like they don’t really care. Scary. 


July 2007

Took my two young boys, my husband and my parents for a 3night 4 day vacation. When we got there the staff wasn’t pleasant but I overlooked that. Nice room hotel still under renovation bad look. There was only one elevator in the front of the hotel it would take us at least 25 minutes each time to walk to the rooms. Very bad. Never wanted to leave the room for a snack it was too far. My youngest son is 2 and had a hard time walking all that along with my parents over 60. Saturday night while my husband and my two kids were sleeping someone entered our room through the balcony and robbed us.

Security and manager never did anything. Very violating. Be very careful for your child. Thank good they were sleeping with me in the room and not on the sofa bed where the robbers came in. They stole my camera and all my money and left through the balcony. (We were on the 4th floor). Very dramatic experience for my kids. My oldest is still having nightmares. It is not worth the money if your life is at risk. Spent my last day speaking with different managers and still they offered no help no sorry no solution. 

No one came to check the rooms no security ever showed up. BE AWARE DONT STAY AT THIS HOTEL. VERY DANGEROUS. The welfare of your children and you depends on it. The food was also bad they had theme night every night but no theme and the food never changed. Horrible. I asked to have a glass of milk for my toddler and they wouldn’t give it to me. They acted like milk was gold. Very Very Very bad hotel. STAY AWAY.

July 2007

Sure, it’s a bargain, but you'll pay for it in many other ways. The "all-inclusive" food includes nothing but cheese wiz, shriveled hot dogs and greasy potatoes. The service is absolutely terrible and you are treated as a criminal and an unwelcome house guest. Rooms are decent, but do not get properly cleaned during your stay. Buyers beware!!!

Jun 2007

This was a horrible hotel. VERY, VERY DIRTY! The hotel has a smell that lingers. The bathtub looked as if mold was growing in and around it. The toilet stopped working, took them 2 days to get to our room to fix it. The same thing with the phone in the hotel. No clock or alarm clock in room.

They took us to a room when we checked in, which was nothing even close to what we booked. 

The "mini-bar" is not even a "mini-bar". It is a dorm room style fridge they come and stock one of each beverage in every 2 days, if they remember.
Basically this hotel is a glorified motel 6.

The one great thing about the hotel is the fact that it is so conveniently located.

June 2007

We are timeshare owners who exchanged into this hotel from May 26 to June 2 and had to upgrade to mandatory all inclusive. The best part of the hotel is the location on the marina and within walking distance of many Cabo activities. Check in was a nightmare which took about an hour which is not the way to start a vacation. It seemed only one person out of five knew anything, so we had to wait several times until she finished with other people so our person could ask her what to do. We were confirmed into a two bedroom which consisted of a newly remodeled junior suite with a king bed in one room and a good size living room and also a huge balcony with a hammock overlooking the marina. 

The second bedroom was actually another regular hotel room next door which was small with a king bed. The food was average, but very repetitive by the end of a week. The ala carte restaurant was better quality and service, but my kids did not like the limited menu so we did not go back. Our 7 year old was only one of two kids in that age range at the resort we saw and we were there for a week. She was treated well, but nothing geared towards that age. The pool consisted mostly of young people trying to get drunk off of the all inclusive and closed at 6, so to swim we took our little one to Medano Beach on the free water taxi. This was a good included service, but each time we used it the supposed inclusive to be used at Baja Cantina at the beach was "closed" as the Cantina employees said, but we were not notified prior. The worst things about the resort are the lack of service; the beds are so hard that me and my wife woke up sore each morning, and the lack of hot water and water pressure which was dismal. The resort might be good for a short stay if you are there to party, but anything more I am sure there are better choices. It could be so much more with better management.

June 2007

We own a two bedroom unit at the Tesoro and I will have to say it is a great location if one can stand the loud night club on the premises in addition to the outlandish recent maintenance fees - Up 1,000 % over 2006. Never intend to walk in this resort again. Total lack of business ethics.

May 2007

It all started at check in. The clerk shorted us $200.USD when we were exchanging for pesos. Of course we just thought it was a simple mistake on their part but as the vacation went on, we weren't so sure it was a mistake. The staff was rude; the food in the buffet was absolutely horrible! I got deathly sick for a day and a half after eating the buffet. They only served Tecate and other liquor was cheap (we paid for all inclusive.) We were there for 8 days and our room fridge was only restocked once. The female concierge was very accommodating at first, but then when she found out that when she scheduled us to go to a presentation at a time share at one of their sister properties and we decided not to purchase it, she ignored us for the rest of our vacation. The only positive thing we can say is the location was convenient to town. We ended up eating out the whole time. We highly recommend never do all inclusive at the Tesoro. Please fire the majority of your employees and get some in there that are happy to go to work and do their jobs.


May 2007

THE only reason I Picked A One Star IS BECAUSE "0" STAR WAS NOT AN OPTION. This hotel is GARBAGE. We stayed from 5/17-5/22 and had the all inclusive package. It was more like all inclusive crap. THE Food, THE Service, the employees ARE ALL NASTY. WE HAD TO CHANGE OUR ROOM 3 TIMES. THE WATER PRESSURE IN THE SHOWER IS LUKEWARM AT BEST AND THE WATER PRESSURE IS SO LOW IT FELT LIKE IT WAS DIPPING ON US. ON OUR LAST NITE THERE, A MALE EMPLOYEE CAME INTO OUR ROOM AT 7:30 PM, UNLOCKED OUR DOOR WITHOUT KNOCKING. When he saw that we were in, he just shut the door without apology or explanation. I believe he came in to rob us, he probably thought that we would be out for dinner.
The locals around this area were equally nasty. Stay away from Tesoro.

May 2007

On our first night there we had someone (99% sure it was the security guards) break into our room and take about $800 in cash, two pairs of sunglasses, a cell phone and a video ipod. They broke the lock on our sliding glass door when we were out at night. When we told the front desk about the break in they suggested it might be one of our friends that did it. Please do not support this hotel. On top of that the food and drinks are below average.

May 2007

The first night we were there $1,000, a cell phone, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and an ipod were stolen out of our locked room and when we talked to the front desk they accused us of taking our own money and stuff. The guy in the room next to us said 2 years earlier he had money stolen out of the locked safe. The beach is a 10 minute cab ride from the hotel. The food is simple and not very good. The staff was not very courteous and the security watched us like hawks except when our money and such was stolen.

May 2007

As a fairly well traveled person I feel compelled to report my experience at Tesoro Cabo San Lucas. I traveled with a group of 20, 4 of us experienced robberies in our locked rooms, two of us actually asleep in the room when the robbery occurred, the other from their locked safe located in the room. 

I have been to Mexico on Resort Vacations a myriad of times with my dive company, as well as on short weekend getaways never have I encountered this type of theft. 

When I went to convey the incident to the Management of Tesoro I was directed from person to person, and ultimately informed there was not a Manager on site. I finally displayed my discontent at being shuffled around, and was asked rather rudely if my stolen items had been in the safe, by the concierge of the hotel, to which I replied
“I was IN the room.” He then handed me a blank sheet of paper to complete a “report” which I did, although I am quite certain it was promptly filed away in a trash can. 

I would NOT stay at Tesoro unless you are not very fond of your belongings!

April 2007

Please do not give this hotel your business! We had a horrible experience and would warn anyone considering this hotel to re-think it. The ONLY positive things I can say about the hotel is that (1) their food was OK and (2) the location is good. Other than that, our experience was awful. 

We were there a week and had three requests of the hotel staff while we were there. The first one was to move to a different room. Our location and view was terrible and we were about a 10-minute walk to our room. That request was flat-out denied immediately with no explanation. The second request was to ask for the hot water to work in our bathroom sink (it was completely shut off). The repairman came with no tools and promised to return soon with tools to fix it. He never returned. The third was to get some patio furniture (just a chair or two) for our deck that over looked the lovely dirt parking lot. That request was also flat-out denied, due to "renovations". We are still trying to figure that one out. We found the staff to be disinterested and sometimes very rude. The room was not very nice; the hotel is dated; it's very loud. Not to mention that it's very unsafe. We had an exit on our far end of the hotel and in the middle of the hotel, but both were locked with a padlock. We asked a security person one day about this and how we would get out if there was a fire. His answer.........he shrugged his shoulders! 

We traveled with two other friends. When they arrived they were given room keys to a room that they discovered to be occupied upon entering! They went back to the desk and told them the situation and asked for a different room. They were sent to a second occupied room (entered it again to find people in it). The third room they were sent to was finally empty............unbelievable!

We were charged $8.00 for a local call that lasted 5 seconds and another $8.00 for a second local call that lasted 16 seconds. They tried to charge our friends for calls they did not make. I agree with another person that posted a review..........they try to rip you off for charges you are not responsible for.

One more thing..........if you're not 18 and in "spring-break mode", you will not fit in at this hotel. We didn't even bother using the pool, because it was so annoying to be around that crowd and we could not relax there.

Overall, the experience was horrible. I would tell anyone and everyone to avoid this awful hotel!


April 2007

I recently spent my Spring Break staying at the Tesoro resort, from March 24 until March 31. I was impressed with the quality of the hotel. Our room was very clean and had a very nice touch of Southwest decor, and our Marina view balcony was absolutely gorgeous. However, on our fourth night of staying there, we had someone come in our room and steal one thing from each of the four guests in our room, coming to over $300 U.S. Dollars in total worth. We were unable to use the safe that night, as it would not open due to low battery. We called down to the front desk and asked for help, we were told that no one would be able to open the safe until 8 am the next morning, so we were unwillingly forced to leave out some of our valuables (thankfully most of them were already in the safe.) When we filed the Lost Item report the next day, the staff kept giving us the runaround and seemed to be stalling just long enough for us to leave and go home. We received the most help from our travel agency whom we purchased the room and flights from, but they were unfortunately the middle man. Needless to say, the hotel failed to either get our stuff back or compensate us for our loss. We loved the hotel itself and managed to enjoy ourselves while in Cabo, but the fact that we had our stuff stolen and then were brushed off by the staff left us feeling violated and upset.

March 2007

We went with a group of 7 grad students on spring break. Another guest punched a member of our party in a secluded room. (The guest felt that our friend was being unsympathetic to a problem of his) The hotel took a report and promised us that the guest would be moved to another hotel. The guest was not moved and as a result of the hotel doing nothing to help us the guest's son physically threatened me for trying to have them kicked out (he was not there when his dad punched our friend and he felt his dad had done nothing wrong). We asked the hotel manager why they were still in the hotel and he told us that they were leaving the next day. This was a lie. The man and his son were on our floor and nothing was done about the physical assault. I was shocked that the hotel let the man get away with this. I would not go to this hotel again because you never know what can happen but you do know that the hotel will not do anything about it.

March 2007

I recently stayed at the Tesoro in Cabo with friends, and left feeling utterly violated. When I went to check out the hotel claimed that we owed money for items taken from the mini bar, despite the fact that we never touched any of the beverages. Even after discussing the issue with the manager, he was unwilling to budge & said that he would charge us regardless of what we said. In the end we paid the money because we really had no choice. I felt really taken advantage of; had I or any my traveling companions actually drank from the mini bar we would have gladly paid the fee, but instead we were forced to pay for something that we didn’t do. (And no, we were not those rowdy spring breakers who make a mess, and cause trouble.) After our ordeal we spoke to other people also checking out who said they faced the same problem of being charged for things they did not actually use.

March 2007

Hi I was just at Tesoro’s and while there...I found out that there were a number of burglaries in the rooms and in the safety deposit boxes!!!!! We also had a problem with getting bottled water and had to request from front desk to refill the jugs...this took two days...
We also had ants...geckos and broken patio door locks with our original rooms...we were able to change rooms but please know...you get what you pay for. I am a flight attendant and chose this hotel for the deal...but at times wondered what the heck I had gotten my family into. This hotel is ok for college kids who just want to have fun...but for seasoned travelers...BEWARE...P. (name removed)

March 2007

Watch out for "extraordinary fees" added to your maintenance fees at the resort's whim. For 2007 they are almost tripling the annual maintenance fees. Timeshare department is not helpful at all.

Feb 2007

This hotel is an all inclusive hotel. All you can eat and drink of low quality food and drink. The beer is on draft and served at 60 degrees via dirty tap lines, the tequila is served out of 1 litre plastic jugs, and the food has cost me 2 of my sick days upon return to Los Angeles. There was a guy outside of my room in the hallway throwing up all night. I called the front desk to call security and they did nothing. He was there for 3 hours. They were over-serving people (20ish) who figured they should get full value of the "all inclusive" hotel. Upon my check out I asked to speak to a manager, they told me he would be in at 9am. I waited till 11am and he still had not shown up. A hotel with over 200 rooms and no manager on duty to talk to. This sounds impossible to me. My wife and I checked out and moved to another hotel. To add insult to injury the changed me for the next night because they have a 7 day cancellation policy. I got no discount for the guy heaving outside my room and was charged for an extra night. I finally got to speak to Angel the manager, he told me Sunday was his day off and take it up with my credit card company.


Feb 2007

Seriously, this hotel needs to change their rating to 2 stars. The only a good thing about this hotel is the location. What a room, horrible sheets, curtains, horrible beds, dirty bathroom. If you ever stay here, ask for the remodeled rooms, they are way much better, because our rooms where the worst!

Feb 2007

Well after looking at all the hotels in Cabo for days I finally settled on Tesoro as it was close to the action, looked nice in the pictures and had pretty good reviews. We were in Cabo for 3 days with my company at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar (best hotel ever!) but couldn't afford to extend our stay there so we chose the Tesoro for the rest of our stay. 

While we were checking in, the lights in the lobby were flickering on and off and the flies seemed to be annoyed by this. Once we finally got checked in we noticed that much of the hotel was under construction and certain stairways & things were sectioned off. We had reserved a "suite" and when the guy opened the door we discovered a tiny room with no balcony & a horrible smell like sulphur in the room. After several minutes taking to the front desk we were finally taken to another smelly room that was not a suite either.

Finally after arguing with the desk again we were shown to what they called the "new part of the hotel". The room was large (not exactly what you would call a suite) and did not smell. Everything seemed to be newer and cleaner. So we settled on this room and discovered that our "patio" was shared with all the patrons of the Tesoro pool bar. So nice to look out your window and have half the hotel looking at you in your skivvies. The "entertainment" at night was so loud we could not sleep. 

We did notice however that we were really glad we did not go all inclusive. The 24hr "snack lounge" consists of stale popcorn and water in a stinky little room. 

The pool was okay, clean enough and the staff left us alone because we weren't all inclusive. It was not the worst stay I have ever had but the pictures of Tesoro are deceiving, it is more like a Motel 6 rather than a hotel.

Jan 2007

The pool and hot tub were very dirty, unsuitable for swimming. The shower in the room had a lot of mold on the ceiling, walls and tub. This was not only our room; we visited another room as well. Left a ring on the bathroom sink and it was still there when I returned after the maid had cleaned the room. We had other friends staying the winter in Cabo at a nearby condo. The Tesoro would not let them come up to our room, not even to come get us for dinner. They should offer an hourly guest pass.





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